About Us

Brisbane North Chinese Association(BNCA)

We have more than 600 members in Brisbane and we have various teams and social activities.

Public welfare assistance group, legal aid group, free English classes, parent-child education group, North Lake basketball team, North District garden planting group, fishing outing group, Off-road motorcycles group, heavy motorcycle group, North District Chinese House Art Group (Qinghua porcelain cheongsam association, Zumba dance, folk dance, singing class), photography group, baking enthusiast group, gossip chat group and beauty health care group.

Our Communities Mission:

  1. Make friends with Overseas Chinese, enhance friendship, play the spirit of mutual assistance and cooperation, and assist members in need. We will safeguard the rights and interests of our members and make a voice for our members and the Chinese people in the North District.
  2. To promote the traditional virtues and values of Chinese culture.
  3. To assist Chinese immigrants in New North District to familiarize themselves with the cultural environment in The North District and to help them integrate into Australian society as soon possible.
  4. Organize all kinds of group activities to enrich the cultural and entertainment life of the Chinese people in the North District.

  5. BNCA is a non-profit organization that serves the Chinese people.

Our major team membeers

Honorary president of the founding president:Carl Wu.
President: Ben Hu,
Chairman:Zane Zhao,
Secretary:Jing Chen,
Vice President:Yaya Wang, Henry Jing,
Board Members:Caocao Cai,Yanlin Fu, Henry Huang,Jasmine Guo, Haiying Liu, Leo Li, Jiabing Pang,Queen Wang,Knight Xin,Sam Xie,Derek Yan, Jimmy Yan,Tony Zheng,Gongjie Wu, Helen luo, Julie Tan, Jiancheng Lin, Mindy Wu,

BNCA legal Consult – AusLaw